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    A unifying platform for mobile and digital payments.

Offer more ways to pay

Visa Token Service can help you build and maintain your digital payment experiences while protecting consumers’ sensitive information from fraud. As more consumers come to expect mobile payment solutions, Visa Token Service provides three essential tools to help you meet the demand.

Man with a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, papers and Square payment device on a desk in front of him.

A left hand holding a mobile phone with a Visa card visible on its screen and an Apple watch on the wrist.
Hand holding a mobile phone with Google Pay Visa card shown on the screen.
Two people standing at a desk with a plate of macarons and a payment terminal. One person is holding a mobile phone with a Visa card visible on its screen.
A hand holding a mobile phone showing a Visa card on the screen while in front of a payment terminal.
Woman standing in front of a parked car while looking at her Fitbit.
Man with a backpack standing in front of a counter and a woman smiling at him.

Woman looking at her mobile phone with Visa Checkout on the screen.
A flatlay of a pizza and a mobile phone showing a transaction threshold of $50 on the screen.

woman looking at smartwatch while hiking
A woman driving a black convertible car and a man in the passenger seat.
Couple at home with many connected devices

A person doing a mobile Visa card contactless payment inside a taxi.
Person standing in front of a table scanning a qr code on his mobile phone.
Close up of a hand holding a mobile phone next to a payment terminal.


One-time integration

Connect quickly and easily with no need for multiple technology integrations.

data transfer on smartphone

Simple and scalable framework

Drive growth through a simple, scalable plan with no pass-through fees.


Robust protection

Receive a powerful combination of security and consumer data protections.


Access to partnerships

Participate with a fast-growing number of technology partners.

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