Program overview

Introducing the Visa Creator Program, a one-year immersion program geared towards digital creators working in art, music, fashion and film looking to accelerate their small business through NFTs. The goal of the program is to explore how Visa can contribute to this growing segment of SMBs in the Creator Economy and help further our commitment – "to uplift everyone, everywhere, and be the best way to pay and be paid". Congratulations to our five #VisaCreators – we are excited to collaborate with all of you as we explore NFT possibilities.

Meet our first cohort

Introducing the groundbreaking innovators in Visa’s first Visa Creator Program cohort.
Headshot of Alfonso De Orte
Headshot of Gus Sarkodee
Headshot of Kaz Cai
Headshot of Lacie Thorne
Headshot of Violeta Valcheva

About the Visa Creator Program

Learn more about Visa and Web3

Learn more about Visa’s commitment to the digital economy, blockchain innovations like NFTs, and how we’re making them more accessible to digital creators by lowering barriers and scaling business models across the globe.

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