Visa Privacy Statement for Mainland China

Effective date: March 3, 2023

VISA WORLDWIDE PTE LIMITED (a company registered in Singapore, herein after referred to as “we” or “Visa”) are fully aware of the importance of the personal information for user (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “user”). Respecting your privacy is at the heart of Visa’s mission and we are committed to doing our utmost to keep your personal information safe.  This Visa Privacy Statement for Mainland China (hereinafter referred to as this “Statement” or “Privacy Statement”) applies to the promotional activities (hereinafter referred to as “Visa Activities”) for cross-border consumptions conducted by Visa within the mainland of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “Mainland China”, excluding Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan Region) alone or in conjunction with other financial institutions.

Prior to participating in Visa Activities, we advise you to read carefully and understand all the contents of Visa Global Privacy Notice and this Statement, especially to make sure that you have been fully aware of and understood the meaning of the bolded contents and the corresponding legal consequences, and, on this basis, you make your own choices that you deem appropriate. We will protect your personal information in accordance with the following principles: the principles of lawfulness, legitimacy, necessity, and good faith, the principles of clear purpose, reasonableness, and direct relevance, the principle of minimum necessity, the principles of openness and transparency, and the principle of safeguarding personal information and bearing liabilities. At the same time, we have endeavored to use plain, simple, and concise language and to highlight the provisions of this Statement that are of significant relevance to your rights and interests in bold font. If you have any queries, questions, or suggestions about the contents of this Statement, you can contact us using the contact details set out in this Statement.

This Privacy Statement supplements and constitutes an integral part of Visa Global Privacy Notice. With respect to the Visa Activities, in case of any inconsistency between Visa Global Privacy Notice and this Statement, this Statement shall prevail.

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