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Chart displaying Visa Dispute Resolution Certification process. See image description.

Diagram uses icon and certification badge images to illustrate how an individual can become a Visa Certified Dispute Resolution Professional.

The graphic shows the certification process from start to finish. The process begins on the left with optional introductory training to help individuals prepare for the certification process. To its right is the Intermediate level, where an individual must pass the Intermediate exam to receive the Bronze badge. Training is available to help prepare for the Intermediate exam. To its right is the Advanced level, where an individual must pass the Advanced exam to receive the Silver badge. Training is available to help prepare for the Advanced exam. To its right is the Visa Certified Professional level. When an individual passes both required exams and earns the Bronze and Silver badges, they will become certified and will receive the Visa Certified Professional badge.

The certification process timeline is represented by a line at the bottom of the diagram that starts on the left side and finishes on the right side. Above the line, there are four sections that show the full certification process. In the first section on the left, a flag icon represents introductory training. To its right, a hexagonal bronze badge image represents the Intermediate level. To its right, a hexagonal silver badge image shows the Advanced level. In the last section on the right, a white circular badge image represents achieving Visa Professional Certification.

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