Navid Alamati

Staff Research Scientist

Research area: Cryptography

Navid Alamati, Visa Research scientist.


  1. Cryptographic Group Actions and Applications. Navid Alamati, Luca De Feo, Hart Montgomery, and Sikhar Patranabis. In ASIACRYPT 2020.
  2. Symmetric Primitives with Structured Secrets. Navid Alamati, Hart Montgomery, and Sikhar Patranabis. In CRYPTO 2019.
  3. Minicrypt Primitives with Algebraic Structure and Applications. Navid Alamati, Hart Montgomery, Sikhar Patranabis, and Arnab Roy. In EUROCRYPT 2019.
  4. New (and Old) Proof Systems for Lattice Problems. Navid Alamati, Chris Peikert, and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz. In PKC 2018.
  5. Three's Compromised Too: Circular Insecurity for Any Cycle Length from (Ring-)LWE. Navid Alamati and Chris Peikert. In CRYPTO 2016.