• Money is changing. So lets talk about it.

When an individual holds firm to a higher rate, it helps that individual. But when a large group of women can hold firm, it lifts the entire group.
Gina Hermosillo, Art Department Coordinator.
Gina Hermosillo,  Art Department Coordinator.
Mel Jones,  Director/Producer.
I would tell other women  to negotiate and ask the  questions and to try to get  the best for themselves. Mel Jones, Director/Producer.
To make sure that you're  paid fairly, you just have to  speak up and not be afraid  to ask for what you're worth. Soko, Actress/Songwriter.
Soko,  Actress/Songwriter.

Illustraton of pages from the Money is Changing whitepaper: What money means, Closing the pay gap,Money with friends, Money stress.

Dollar coin on top of an open palm.
Person depicited in a network.
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Money isn’t just changing at a cultural level. Visa wants to help change the way money works today, and shape the way we’ll pay in the future.