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Millennial women are nearly three times more likely to talk to their friends about their sex lives than their salaries.
Nearly half of millennials who want kids have no idea how much it will cost.
89 percent of millennial women think it's more expensive to be a woman. 63 percent of millennial men agree.
Only two in five women expect the guy to pay on a first date.
One in three millennial women feel empowered when they pay for a date.
Two in three millennial women believe there’s a gender pay gap.  Only about one in three believe it affects them.
74 percent of millennial women talk with friends about work issues.  But only 27 percent talk with friends about their salaries.
74 percent of millennial woman are cool with treating their friends without expecting anything in return.
nearly half of millennials say it doesn’t matter how much their partner makes
62 percent of millennial woman say they would never quit their job no matter how much their partner makes.
woman are more likely to feel like they’re living paycheck to paycheck. No matter how much they make.
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