• Money is changing. So lets talk about it.

A hand holding a card that says 'Know your worth' is an old mantra. Time to recognize when women are asking for the pay they deserve.
 A loose pile of cards, each of them reading: You both swiped right. So who pays for the date?
A tile that says 'Know her worth and pay her accordingly.' Money is changing.
A tile that says: Talking about money is feminine.
A woman's hand wearing a ring pop holding a Visa credit card. Text: Money is changing.
A tile that says 'I'm seen as assertive when I ask for a raise.' Money is changing.

The cover and four pages from the Money is Changing white paper with titles: Female Financial voice, Our industry experts, Evolving Expectations and About the Research.

Illustration of a dollar coin on top of an open palm.
Illustration of a globe.
Illustration of a person depicted in a network.
Illustration of a trophy cup.
Money is changing and the Visa logo.

Money isn’t just changing at a cultural level

Visa wants to help change the way money works today, and shape the way we’ll pay in the future.