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As an Agency Program Coordinator, you’re familiar with the various details involved with implementing and managing your agency’s travel card program. Now, with the introduction of the Visa Travel Card Controls Gauge, it can be easier than ever to determine if your program is in compliance with regulations or if it needs adjustments to meet those regulations. Developed to help your agency identify opportunities to increase control in the specific areas of travel card program design, administration, and security, the Travel Card Controls Gauge is comprised of three key components:

  • Comprehensive Questionnaire: a survey consisting of 26 questions
  • Questionnaire Results: answers and relevant legislation based on your responses
  • Improvement Plans: documentation identifying travel card program improvement opportunities and benefits associated with those improvements

The Travel Card Controls Gauge is based on the following legislation, as well as emerging travel card program best practices:

  • Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998 (TTRA)
  • Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)
  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123 Appendix B (Revised February 2006)
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA)

How it Works

Improvements to your travel card program are just a few steps away. Simply follow these guidelines:

  • Review all 26 questions. (You are not required to answer all of them, but it is recommended.)
  • Review answers associated with those questions.
  • Select all answers that apply to your program. (Relevant legislation will appear in your Results Summary whether you select an answer or not.)
  • Add notes or comments while taking the questionnaire, since they will be printed or downloaded along with your results and improvement plan summaries.
  • Use the glossary for help with unfamiliar terms. (Roll your mouse over underlined terms or visit the glossary page.)
  • For best results, set aside 30-45 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Don't have time right now? Complete the questionnaire at your convenience. Download a copy to prepare your answers offline and transfer your responses when you are ready.

The questionnaire covers three different program topics: design, administration, and security. Each question is followed by three statements that address:

  • Process: determines if your agency performs the required or recommended practice
  • Documentation: confirms that your practice is included in agency policy or written instructions, and that such documentation is complete and up-to-date
  • Audits: determines whether audits are periodically conducted to ensure successful completion of the practice

This questionnaire has been designed for all agencies (federal, state, local governments and universities), but all questions may not apply to your particular agency. Please note that the Travel Card Controls Gauge has been created specifically for internal use by your agency; your responses will not be retained or used by Visa for any purpose.

Benefits of Using the Travel Card Controls Gauge

After completing the questionnaire, you’ll be presented with two outputs:

The Travel Card Controls Results Summary captures each question, your responses, your comments, and excerpts from both relevant legislation and emerging travel card program best practices.

The Travel Card Controls Improvement Plans identify opportunities that your agency may wish to consider to help improve your travel card program. For each statement selected throughout the questionnaire, the Plans will provide information on: the section of your program (i.e. Program Design, etc.), the identification of the improvement opportunity, expected benefits of implementation, and relevant legislation.

Upon completion of the survey, downloadable Excel versions of the above documents will also be available. Shared with your colleagues or used as program guidance tools, these can serve as working documents. The Excel format files will allow you to input comments, and assign owners and due dates associated with specific program elements.

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Please be advised that the Visa Travel Card Controls Gauge is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for regulatory compliance, legal, tax, financial, or other advice. To the extent you have questions with respect to any of the legislation or regulations cited within the Gauge, you should consult with your own legal counsel as to the applicability or interpretation of the same. Specific facts and circumstances associated with a particular activity may be important in determining whether you are subject to a specific statute or regulatory requirement. In no way is Visa responsible for any damages or losses, of any kind, that you may suffer due to your use of the Gauge. Visa likewise makes no express or implied representations or warranties with respect to the Gauge, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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