Ideas Happen 2004

Ideas Happen 2004

Inspiring new beginnings

Visa is proud to support the creative spirit and boundless energy of our Ideas Happen winners. We believe that building a better community starts by helping people build their dreams. Our twelve outstanding innovators each received $25,000 from Visa to help them launch their ideas. We can hardly wait to see what they’ll do next.


Nadia K., NY
Seeds For Hope/Community

Volunteering in Kenya's poorest communities ignited my passionate commitment to improve their quality of life. My vision is to restore HOPE to the poor and sick in Africa. In response to this, I am developing an organization that fights poverty and HIV/AIDS, called Seeds for Hope. In Kenya, poverty and AIDS perpetuates one another in a vicious cycle. I created an AIDS training program that trains youth, the most vulnerable age-group, to educate their communities about the virus. It promotes awareness and support in the form of culturally tailored interactive teaching methods. The AIDS program is coupled with anti-poverty services that provide scholarships for the youth to attend school a necessity for breaking cycles of poverty and infection. Seeds for Hope will inspire Kenyan youth to preserve their health, empower them to be agents for change, and provide a hopeful future. The $25,000 will be budgeted for printing the training manuals and pamphlets I created, cover travel costs, school fees and other various materials needed to implement the program. I believe Seeds for Hope will bear long lasting fruit, transforming a generation of African youth, one life at a time.