Winners - Ideas Happen 2003

Winners - Ideas Happen 2003

Inspiring new beginnings

Visa is proud to support the creative spirit and boundless energy of our Ideas Happen winners. We believe that building a better community starts by helping people build their dreams. Our twelve outstanding innovators each received $25,000 from Visa to help them launch their ideas. We can hardly wait to see what they’ll do next.


Stephani W., CA
Self-pasting Toothbrush/Entrepreneur

My idea is for a toothbrush that contains toothpaste in the handle and allows you to turn a knob located at the bottom of the handle which will allow the toothpaste to flow through the bristles. A perfect amount of toothpaste would be administered through each turn/click of the knob. This would help eliminate wasted toothpaste which in turn could be a cost savings to consumer. This compact, one-step process would be especially helpful for children learning to brush, and would be time efficient for users. Idea could be pitched to oral care companies who make toothbrushes and toothpaste; this would allow the consumer to choose which type of toothbrush head and toothpaste according to their preference.