Winners - Ideas Happen 2003

Winners - Ideas Happen 2003

Inspiring new beginnings

Visa is proud to support the creative spirit and boundless energy of our Ideas Happen winners. We believe that building a better community starts by helping people build their dreams. Our twelve outstanding innovators each received $25,000 from Visa to help them launch their ideas. We can hardly wait to see what they’ll do next.

Self Expression

Sabina V., NY
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My name is Sabina V. In 1994, my mother, brother and I moved to the United States as a part of the Bosnian war refugee program. A year later my father joined us. He spent these three years of the war in my hometown of Banja Luka, at first trying to survive and defy Serbian occupation, and later, establishing an organization that helped people get out of Serbian concentration camps. This organization saved hundreds of people’s lives, as well as turned the eyes of the world to the inhumane ethnic cleansing being done in Bosnia during the war. This year, he is going back to Banja Luka for the first time since his flee 8 years ago. The town is still under Serbian occupation.

I want to take a small film crew on his journey home and document this important event. I would use the money offered for travel and filming expenses, as well as postproduction fees upon our return to the USA.

It is my belief that there is a large part of the Bosnian war that was not shown to the American public by the news media, and it is my hope that this documentary will help remedy that. It will provide a unique introspection into Bosnian culture and the price of survival during a civil war. It is a simple, yet poignant story that I feel is important to be told.