Winners - Ideas Happen 2003

Winners - Ideas Happen 2003

Inspiring new beginnings

Visa is proud to support the creative spirit and boundless energy of our Ideas Happen winners. We believe that building a better community starts by helping people build their dreams. Our twelve outstanding innovators each received $25,000 from Visa to help them launch their ideas. We can hardly wait to see what they’ll do next.


Louis M., TX
Clayton’s Backyard Crew/Community

My idea is based on helping children whose parents are incarcerated, or in prison. My little brother started this project several years ago and I have joined him. We collect gently used bicycles and fix them up at Christmas to give to these kids. They think it is from the parent who is in prison. This idea is unique because it targets a very special group of children who seem to get lost in the system. If funded we would be able to get new bikes along with helmets and locks for each child, along with a big red bow on each bike. Our goal each year is to reach 100 children. Funds would make it possible to make this happen over the next several years. We would be able to set up a non-profit organization that would ensure annual participation to the Angel Tree Prison Ministry who supplies the names of the children.