Savings from Going Electronic

Electronic pay is a more convenient way to pay wages to your employees, versus paper checks.

There are two common forms of electronic pay — Direct Deposit and Prepaid Payroll cards.

  • Direct Deposit is the most popular form of electronic pay. By depositing wages directly into your employees’ bank accounts, employers have a convenient, paper-saving alternative to printed checks.
  • Prepaid Payroll cards are a great payroll solution for employers with employees who do not have a relationship with a bank. Compared to paper checks, employers have less processing and less paper used in each payroll cycle. For these unbanked/underbanked employees, a prepaid payroll card helps them get fast access to their pay, without the hassle of cashing their paycheck.

To find out more about your potential savings from going electronic, click on the link below:

Note: Payroll card programs provide many of the same benefits as Direct Deposit. However, the cost savings for these programs will vary based on each employer’s specific payroll card program.


Success Stories

National Casual Dining Company
Since 2008, this national, Fortune 500 company has grown electronic pay from 29% to 75%, reduced paper checks by almost 65% each payday, and issued 14,000 payroll cards.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
Since 2010, CPS has nearly 100% electronic payroll distribution, serving more than 5,000 district employees and student workers through Visa Payroll. Read on