Drive Enrollment

Visa and your Payroll Solution Provider are here to help you every step of the way.
As a Visa Payroll customer, you'll get access to marketing tools that make implementation and employee adoption easy. Here are just a few tips to
successfully enroll your employees and increase their satisfaction.

How To Maximize Employee Adoption

  • Establish a company goal for electronic pay (i.e., traditional direct deposit and payroll cards) and build management support for the goal.
  • Integrate Visa Payroll card messaging into your overall direct deposit communications, including have a Direct Deposit Enrollment Drive. Make Visa Payroll card enrollment a part of your new hire process at all locations.
  • Update your employee forms and new hire kits to include information on card benefits and usage.
  • Train managers and HR how to inform and sign up new and existing employees.
  • Track e-pay adoption to store location, job site or work group and reward managers who reach electronic pay adoption goals.
  • Deliver education and enrollment materials to all your business locations, including posters, handouts, training materials and online content like the employee Visa Payroll website.

Success Is Yours With Visa Payroll

Decreasing payroll costs and increasing employee satisfaction is a win/win for your company and colleagues.
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Success Stories
National Casual Dining Company
Since 2008, this national, Fortune 500 company has grown electronic pay from 29% to 75%, reduced paper checks by almost 65% each payday, and issued 14,000 payroll cards.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
Since 2010, CPS has nearly 100% electronic payroll distribution, serving more than 5,000 district employees and student workers through Visa Payroll. Read on