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The Visa Payroll card is easy to implement and provides a convenient, cost-effective alternative for disbursing salary and wages via traditional paper paychecks. Employees appreciate the convenience of getting paid electronically and your finance team will love the savings. Why pay more for paper checks?

Significantly reduce payroll costs

Visa Payroll cards reduce payroll processing costs by eliminating check printing and processing. That includes reducing costly out-of-cycle checks and avoiding charges for reissued lost or stolen checks. Also, escheatment activities will be handled by the bank just like direct deposit.

Easy electronic pay

In 25 states employers can completely eliminate paper paychecks by giving employees the choice of receiving wages by direct deposit or on a payroll card.
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Efficient and secure

Visa Payroll streamlines payroll operations while it expands direct deposit to all employees — including those who do not have a personal bank account. And because payments are handled electronically, pay can be delivered on time, even under extreme circumstances that might shut down traditional paper check disbursement or mailings.

Convenient for employees

The Visa Payroll card gives employees faster access to their funds, increased control over finances, the convenience of worldwide acceptance, and security enhancements to keep their funds safe. Pay is instantly loaded onto their card — similar to direct deposit. They don't need a bank account to have one, and it spares them check-cashing and money order fees. They can then use their card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted or to get cash from ATMs worldwide.

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Success Stories
National Casual Dining Company
Since 2008, this national, Fortune 500 company has grown electronic pay from 29% to 75%, reduced paper checks by almost 65% each payday, and issued 14,000 payroll cards.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
Since 2010, CPS has nearly 100% electronic payroll distribution, serving more than 5,000 district employees and student workers through Visa Payroll. Read on