Lost Luggage Reimbursement - Signature Business

Lost Luggage Reimbursement - Signature Business

Effective 4/1/14.

Please note: This benefit is available on Visa TravelMoney and Visa Signature Business cards. It may be also available on other card products. Check with your Issuer to see if you have this benefit and to verify level of coverage.

How do I benefit from Lost Luggage Reimbursement?*

When you pay for the entire cost of Common Carrier tickets with your eligible Visa card, You will be eligible to receive reimbursement for your checked luggage or carry-on baggage, and/or its contents provided the luggage was lost due to theft or misdirection by the Common Carrier. The "value of the amount claimed" is the lesser of the actual purchase price of the item(s), the actual cash value of the item(s) at the time of theft or misdirection with appropriate deduction for depreciation, and the cost to replace the item(s). The Eligible Person must take all reasonable means to protect, save, and/or recover any carry-on property at all times. This benefit is supplemental to and excess of any valid and collectible insurance and/or collectible reimbursement from another source.

* Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply and benefit configuration may vary. Contact your issuer for full terms and conditions.


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