Convenient, easy-to-use reporting

Displays details of every purchase for each registered card by calendar month and merchant category, including date, amount, merchant name, and location.
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Covers total spending for each registered card by calendar month within eight merchant categories.
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Summarizes combined spending for all registered cards by calendar month within eight merchant categories.
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Provides information about card use at each merchant, including period and year-to-date totals, plus average monthly spending.
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Covers card spending at specific types of merchants, including period and year-to-date totals plus average monthly spending.
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Spend less time and energy managing your business expenses

Visa Information Source Select (VIS Select) is a user-friendly reporting and analysis tool designed to help you simplify your Visa Business card expense management. With five flexible reports, spending alerts, and custom reminders—all automatically sent via email or accessible online—VIS Select allows you to spend less time on your accounting and budgeting process so you can focus on running your business.

The following financial institutions offer VIS Select:
Capital One
First Tennessee Bank, N.A.
Merrill Lynch
PNC Bank
TD Bank
UMB Financial
U.S. Bank
Wachovia Bank
Visit the Card Providers page for links and information on card offerings.


When you sign up for VIS Select, you can:

  • Receive payment notifications and reminders for recurring bills
  • Schedule email delivery of data exports
  • Set custom email and online reminders
  • Track employee expenses
  • Track spending for tax purposes
  • Download transaction data into financial software, such as QuickBooks® and Quicken®
  • Catch discrepancies or unusual spending patterns
  • Receive spending alerts when purchases fall outside of limits you specify
  • Analyze purchases by merchant category or by specific merchant

To learn more about VIS Select's comprehensive features and benefits, view the VIS Select overview demo now. You can also download sample reports from the Downloads box, located in the right column.

Note: Visa Information Source Select Demo requires Macromedia® Flash® Player version 6.0 or higher. Visit to get the latest version of Flash.

Why choose VIS Select?

VIS Select is the convenient, simple, and flexible choice for better money management. And it's the only reporting tool available for both credit and debit card spending, providing consolidated VIS Select reports for Visa Business Credit and Check cards issued by the same participating financial institution.

Sign up for VIS Select and enjoy quick enrollment, no maintenance, and user-friendly spending reports—everything you need for a simpler, customizable approach to financial management.

Five flexible reports

VIS Select offers five flexible spending reports for eight merchant categories, so you can keep your finances organized with less effort than ever.

  • Business Services
  • Materials and Supplies
  • General Merchandise
  • Travel
  • Lodging
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Vehicle
  • Cash Advances

Customizable reporting options

When you choose your combination of reports, you can also specify the frequency, format, and recipients for each. Reports are available monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly. And available formats include PDF, HTML, EXCEL, XML, CSV, and TAB.

In addition, VIS Select offers historical reports for up to twenty-five months. These reports are also customizable by reporting period, format, and recipients.

Sign up for VIS Select's Bill Pay Notifications, and you'll be automatically notified of any authorized recurring charges. Plus, with VIS Select, you can set custom email and online reminders for the dates you choose.

Easy enrollment

Getting started with VIS Select is easy.

First, contact your participating financial institution for access to the secure VIS Select web site. At the site, simply enter the requested information; register your card(s), choose your reports, formats, and frequency; and create a list of recipients for each report. You can update the information at any time through your password-protected online profile found on the site.

To sign up for VIS Select, contact your financial institution today.

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