Pay bills the easy way

When you use your Visa Business card to pay your bills, like overnight shipping, phone service, insurance, and even utilities, you can count on:

  • Increased efficiency – It’s a faster, easier way to pay than with checks
  • Cost savings – No need to buy stamps or pay check fees
  • Simplified recordkeeping – Each payment is listed on your monthly statement in detail

Take two simple steps

Find participating billers
Want to know if your billers accept Visa Business as payment? Contact your biller directly or browse their site to learn their payment options.
Contact billers to set up payments
Visit your biller’s website to conveniently schedule one-time or automatic bill payments.
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Choose from two ways to pay

  • One-time – Control when and how much you pay by initiating each payment when you’re ready by simply visiting the biller’s website or calling them directly.
  • Automatic – Contact your billers once to set up automatic bill payments. Each month, payments will be automatically charged to your card, and you’ll never have to worry about due dates or missed payments again.

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