Why accept Visa credit and Debit cards?

Getting started is easy. There are some distinct benefits to accepting credit and debit cards at your business.

Convenience is king

Let's face it—your customers won't always have cash in their wallets. Give them another purchasing option that makes their life easier (it'll make yours easier too).

Faster access to your money

With a credit card purchase, money is funded in just a few days, rather than the seven business days it takes with paper checks. And, when cash flows faster, you can do more for your business, like make improvements or add inventory.

Preferred by consumers and businesses alike

Over the past 10 years, people's use of electronic payments like credit and debit cards has increased by 400%. Keep your customers happy and increase your sales by accepting credit and debit cards.

Easier and more reliable than checks

Checks bounce. Credit cards don't. Bad checks totaled more than $33 million dollars per day in 2006. Plus, instead of spending time depositing checks at the bank, you can focus on what matters most—building your business.