Manage your money

Why is improving your money management skills important to your financial future? Basic things like your credit report influence everything from whether you qualify for a loan and the rate you’ll pay on that loan, to renting an apartment and obtaining car insurance.

The Visa Payroll Card Financial Literacy website can help you get on good financial footing by learning to spend wisely, budget and save.

New tools and resources to improve money management skills

Brush up your money management skills by learning about debt, credit, budgeting, saving, and more. The Visa Payroll Card Financial Literacy website features games, financial calculators, videos and podcasts to help you learn important financial concepts, quickly and easily.

  • Strengthen your financial outlook: Improve your financial future by learning about personal finance topics like how savings work, how to build a budget, how to prepare for major life events, and more.
  • Get your game on: Give your financial knowledge a workout by playing educational games, such as NFL and FIFA World Cup™ themed video games (available in English and Spanish).
  • Calculate the difference: Explore your own financial information in greater detail by using one of our financial calculators to help assess your financial choices from car loans to saving for a goal.
  • Watch, listen and learn: Help improve your money management skills with exclusive educational videos from the Khan Academy and Practical Money Matters radio podcasts.

Improve your financial fitness today

Learn more about debt, credit, budgeting and saving. Visit the Visa Payroll Card Financial Literacy website

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