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Good news: If your employer offers Visa Payroll cards, you already qualify to get one. All you have to do is enroll – ask your boss, an HR contact, or the payroll department for the forms to fill out.

If your employer does not offer Visa Payroll cards, you can request them where you work. Simply follow any of these steps to let them know.

Step 1You can send your boss, an HR contact, or someone from your payroll department a request for Visa Payroll. Send an email
Step 2Download more information at the link below, print it out, and hand it to the person responsible for your paychecks at work. Print a brochure
Step 3Tell your employer. Visa Payroll cards can save your company money. Have your employer learn more by visiting

More Reasons to Request a Visa Payroll Card

  • It's fast. Don't waste time in check-cashing lines. Have your pay deposited onto your Visa Payroll card and get paid faster.
  • It's convenient. You can use your Visa Payroll card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, to shop or pay bills online, and get cash at ATMs worldwide.
  • It's safe and secure. Visa Payroll cards are protected by the Visa Zero Liability* policy. Unlike cash, if your card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced along with your money.
  • It can hold all your money. If you have a second job, you can have those wages loaded to your card, too. You might also be able to load cash to your card using the Visa ReadyLink network. Contact your card provider to see if you can reload your Visa Payroll card with Visa ReadyLink
  • It saves you money. Say goodbye to check cashing fees. You get instant access to your pay without the hassle and expense of check cashing places.
  • It goes with you when you change jobs. Your Visa Payroll card is YOUR card and it works just like any other prepaid debit card. So you can use it for direct deposit at your next employer and everywhere else Visa Debit cards are accepted — and only you can see your transaction history and account information.
  • It provides protections. With Visa Payroll's Purchase Security, you will be reimbursed, within the first 90 days from the date of purchase, in the event of theft, damage due to fire, vandalism, etc., for eligible items you have purchased with a covered Visa Payroll card. Please contact your card provider for the specific terms and conditions for the program.

Need more options on payday?

Even if your employer doesn't offer the Visa Payroll card yet, you can have your pay automatically deposited onto a Visa Prepaid card.

Get to know the Visa Prepaid card

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