Visa Extras

Get the most from your Visa Debit card with Visa Extras

Earn points toward fabulous merchandise, offers, and deals when you make a qualifying purchase* using your enrolled Visa Debit card, Visa business card, or other eligible Visa card.

Qualifying purchases* include:

  • Signature-based purchases
  • Internet purchases
  • Phone and mail order purchases
  • Automatic bill payments

Visa Extras is available on certain Visa cards issued by participating financial institutions. To apply for Visa Extras, please check with your card issuer for eligibility. For more details on the program or how you can enroll, please visit the Visa Extras page.

What types of rewards can I earn with Visa Extras?

With Visa Extras you can choose from a wide selection of reward categories—things for your kids, things for your home, things for your spirit. From easy-to-attain, everyday rewards to more aspirational items.

  • Business - spruce up the office, accessorize your workplace
  • Dining - tempting treats for all appetites
  • Essentials - get the best of the modern basics
  • Family Fun - fun things to do together
  • Home - freshen up your home with kitchen accessories and more
  • Shopping - everything from clothing to accessories to home decor
  • Travel - rental cars, hotel stays, and more
  • Specials - NFL tickets and memorabilia

*A “Qualifying Purchase” is any signature-based purchase, Internet purchase, phone or mail-order purchase, or automatic bill payment made with an enrolled Visa card, which is processed or submitted through the Visa U.S.A. Inc. transaction processing system. You must sign for all in-store purchases you make with an enrolled Visa card in order for such purchases to be deemed qualifying purchases; do not use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when paying for your purchases with your enrolled Visa card if you want to earn points for such purchases. PIN-based purchases, payments of existing card balances, balance transfers, cash advances, ATM transactions, convenience checks, Interlink-processed transactions, fees charged by your Visa card issuer (for example, annual fees, finance charges, and related service charges, if any apply), payments made for pre-paid and re-loadable cards such as certain gift cards, Visa Buxx and similar cards, or payments made for payment instruments that can readily be converted to cash (for example, travelers cheques, money orders, wire transfers, and similar products or services) are not qualifying purchases. The types of Visa card transactions that will earn points may vary depending on the financial institution that issued the Visa card. You should check your card issuer's Visa Extras Terms & Conditions (available here once you enter your Visa card number in the Enroll Now/Check Eligibility area) for the applicable description of qualifying purchases.

Visa Extras is available on certain Visa cards issued by participating financial institutions. Only Visa cards issued in the United States and in good standing may be eligible to participate in the Program; additional exclusions of cards may apply. Your issuer reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether a particular Visa card or cardholder is eligible to participate in Visa Extras.