Financial advice to keep you on track

In this section, you'll find tips and advice about managing, saving, and spending money. Whether you need to plan a budget, find the right savings account, or calculate how long it will take to pay off your credit card balance, Visa can help you define and achieve your personal financial goals.

Paying bills with your Visa card can help you streamline your money management—view all payments on a single statement and guarantee your bills are paid on time. For more information, visit Pay Bills with Visa.

Visit the Practical Money Skills for LifeTM site for a compilation of the best financial resources available on the Web. Or follow Practical Money Skills for LifeTM on Twitter to keep up to date with news, information and events.

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Evaluate your financial goals and credit obligations, find tips about which card might be right for you, and learn important facts about creating and maintaining good credit.


Learn what a debit card is, benefits of using debit cards, and responsible use of debit cards.


Realize your financial management goals by planning. Review budgeting guidelines and the steps to a balanced budget.


Reach your financial goals with five saving strategies, learn about the miracle of compound interest, and understand different types of savings accounts.


Understand the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing as well as how you can get out of debt.


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