Travel with Visa – FAQ

Travel with Visa – FAQ

When you travel, go with the convenience and security of Visa.

Explore the frequently asked questions below and find out what you need to know to use your Visa card for purchases and withdrawals across borders.


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What do I need to do before I travel internationally so I can use my Visa card?

Take the following steps to make the most of your Visa card(s) while traveling:

  • Notify your issuing bank of the countries you'll be traveling to and the dates you'll be traveling on before you leave.
  • Check with your issuing bank regarding whether your card is subject to daily spending or withdrawal restrictions while abroad.
  • Be sure you know your PIN for your Visa cards so you can get local currency from ATMs worldwide. To ensure your PIN is always safe, you should memorize it and never write it down.
  • Make a record of your Visa card account and telephone numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards (including international Visa Global Customer Assistance Services numbers found here, by country) and keep it in a safe place away from your wallet or handbag.

Will my Visa card be accepted outside the U.S.?

Visa cards are accepted at millions of locations around the world. If you should have a problem with your card being accepted, you should insist that the merchant swipe your card and follow the prompts on the terminal. If your card is declined, you should call your bank immediately to notify them that you are having problems with using your card while abroad.

If the Visa merchant did not accept your Visa magnetic stripe card because it did not have a chip or did not accept your Visa card with a chip unless you entered a PIN, click here to report the merchant to Visa.

You can also contact the Visa Global Customer Assistance Services by dialing one of our country-specific toll free numbers. Please click here for a full listing of toll-free numbers, and dial the number that corresponds to the country you are in. Visa can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Can I withdraw cash outside the U.S.?

With your Visa card, you can get cash in the local currency from over 1 million Visa ATMs worldwide. You can use your card at any Visa or PLUS branded ATM. Since all ATM transactions require a PIN to withdraw cash, you should make sure you know the PIN for your Visa card(s) prior to leaving for your trip. To keep your accounts safe, you should never write down your PIN.

It is recommended that you contact your Visa card issuer ahead of time so you are aware of any possible daily cash withdrawal restrictions.

Travel Protections

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What travel protections do I get?

All Visa cards, including Visa Debit, provide standard security and protection features to prevent, detect, and resolve fraudulent activity. However Visa Credit cards, Visa Signature cards, and Visa TravelMoney cards enjoy many additional travel-specific benefits and protections.

Visa Credit cards provide Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver and Emergency Card Replacement and Cash Disbursement.

In addition to the above protections, Visa Signature cards provide complimentary 24/7 concierge service, Lost Luggage Reimbursement, Roadside Dispatch, Travel and Emergency Assistance Services, and Travel Accident Insurance.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Call Visa Global Customer Assistance Services and your financial institution right away. They may need your card number to cancel your card and issue a new one, so make sure you've kept the card information in a secure place that is separate from the card.

How can I make sure my travel purchases were secure after I return home?

It is recommended that you review your statements when you return. Go through your Visa Debit and credit card statements carefully and contact your issuing bank immediately if you see any suspicious or incorrect charges.


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Are there fees when I use my card outside the U.S.?

Contact your Visa card issuer to find out, as Visa does not assess any fees to cardholders or merchants. If issuers or merchants decide to assess a foreign transaction fee to their customers, they are required to provide details to their cardholders and consumers.

What should I know about dynamic currency conversion when I travel abroad?

When traveling internationally, you may face additional options at the register. Some merchants offer the option to convert your purchases into your home currency. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (also known as DCC) and means the merchant – and not Visa – is converting the currency. While you may appreciate the convenience of knowing the exact price in your home currency at the point of sale, you should be aware that the merchant may charge you for this service. Visa requires that you be given a choice to either accept or decline DCC. In addition, Visa requires merchants offering this service to inform cardholders of the exchange rate including any applicable commissions or fees being charged.

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