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CFO of the Year Awards
San Francisco Business Times - June 7, 2013
Visa CFO Byron Pollitt receives the lifetime achievement award from the San Francisco Business Times.

The Fortune 500 Social Media Stars
CNN Money - May 6, 2013
Visa's new social media journey started with last summer's Olympic Games, of which the company was a major sponsor.

Visa Plants a Seed for Growth Abroad
The Wall Street Journal - May 4, 2013
The Wall Street Journal covers Visa from Rwanda.

Congrats, You Did It! Barron's 500 Listing
Barron's - May 4, 2013
Visa ranked #8 on The Barron's 500 Table, which honors stellar operating performance.
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Visa Teams Up With Samsung on Mobile Payments
New York Times Bits Blog - February 25, 2013
"The idea of paying for things with a phone is still foreign to most people, but now Visa and Samsung Electronics are working together to make mobile payments easier. The companies on Monday said that many new Samsung phones would incorporate Visa's payments software, called payWave."

The End of Cash?
Barron's - December 31, 2012
In a cover article in Barron's, Visa's global head of product Jim McCarthy reflects on the innovative product launches – including – that will enable consumers to digitally pay for purchases, anywhere, anytime.

Visa's New CEO Sees 2-Speed Path to Mobile Payments
Investor's Business Daily - December 28, 2012
Visa CEO Charlie Scharf was interviewed by Investor's Business Daily on his new role at the company. The Q&A covered topics such as anticipated consumer spending, recent financial-reform legislation, our innovation around mobile payments, and anticipated growth in travel spending in 2013.

More Holiday Shopping is Done on Weekdays
Wall Street Journal -  December 18, 2012
Visa's chief economist Wayne Best weighs in on consumer spending habits as they relate to eCommerce and holiday spending in an article that also covers Visa's strong online performance during the holiday season.

Visa CEO Joe Sauders Talks Consumer Tech, Future of Mobile Payments
USA Today - September 21, 2012
Joe Saunders was interviewed by USA Today for a profile that appeared in print and online. The piece included commentary on Visa's historic IPO, our role as innovator in Silicon Valley and our leadership in mobile and eCommerce.

Byron Pollitt Named One of the “Best CFOs”
Wall Street Journal -  July 21, 2012
The Wall Street Journal ran an article naming Byron Pollitt one of the “Best CFOs” in the paper's first-ever Best CFOs list. The ranking represents executives who run top-performing finance operations and take a lead role in setting strategy at their companies. Byron ranked #17.

Inside Visa: Preventing Card Fraud

ABC Nightline- December 21, 2011
ABC's Nightline aired a segment highlighting Visa's role in the global economy and the “technology behind the swipe,” featuring Visa's President, John Partridge and Mike Dreyer, our Global Head of Technology.

Interview with Visa's Joe Saunders
ValleyGirlTV Interview- November 30, 2011
Visa's Joe Saunders talks about the future of money and how to succeed in business with Valley Girl TV's Jesse Draper.

Visa Teams Up With Shopkick To Dole Out Retailer Reward Points At The Point Of Sale
TechCrunch- November 21, 2011
“Visa is making a major move in the commerce and technology space, teaming up with Shopkick, an innovative geo-coupon system that has received funding from Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, SV Angel and others. The two companies will begin offering consumers a way to receive rewards points for retailers at the point of sale when they use their Visa credit cards.”

Visa to Offer Mobile Payments in Developing Nations
The New York Times  Bits Blog- November 16, 2011
“Visa has been hard at work on a mobile digital wallet that it hopes to roll out early next year. But that's not the only mobile market the credit card company has its eye on. On Wednesday, the company announced plans for a product aimed at letting cellphone users in less developed nations buy goods and pay bills using their phones.”

Visa brands its digital wallet
C-NET- November 16, 2011
“Visa has officially launched its new brand for its digital wallet, called, as the credit card company also works to court app developers to help further is mobile payment platform. Early next year, Visa will start marketing its digital wallet as, a brand that is differentiated from its Visa credit card brand.”

How Visa protects your data
FastCompany- October 19, 2011
"Most people think of us as a financial institution, but the network is the brand," says Rick Knight, Visa's head of global systems operations and engineering. "If it goes down, lives are on the line." He's talking in a briefing room, its walls opaque like any other's. But with the push of a button, they become transparent glass, revealing what's beyond--a NASA-like command center with a 40-by-14-foot wall of screens, including Visa's network overlaid on a world map.

Fall Launch for Visa's Digital Wallet May 16, 2011
“Visa provides users of their digital wallet with something close to the heart of today's digitally connected consumer - control over privacy and preference management.” -Helen Leggatt

Visa Looks Beyond the Card With One-Click Digital Wallet
Gigaom- May 11, 2011
“Visa's got the reputation and experience to help educate people about the merits of online payments and the value of a digital wallet. And with the help of CyberSource and PlaySpan, it has the ability to bring the solution to thousands of online merchants right away.” -Ryan Kim

Visa Advances Toward a Digital Wallet
The New York Times Bits Blog - May 11, 2011
As the New York Times reported, Visa announced a cross-channel digital wallet and a range of customized mobile-payment services that address the specific requirements of geographic markets around the world. Both offerings will replicate the ease, reliability and security of Visa point-of-sale payments within traditional and digital eCommerce, mobile commerce and burgeoning social networking commerce environments.

Proposed Debit Rules Would Harm All
American Banker- February 1, 2011
In an op-ed published in American Banker, Visa CEO and Chairman of the Board Joseph Saunders provides his perspective on the new debit card regulations proposed by the Federal Reserve.

Wells Fargo Tests Smart-phone Mobile Payments
San Francisco Chronicle (The Chronicle with Bloomberg)- January 5, 2011
Wells Fargo announced in December that 200 team members will participate in a Visa-led mobile payment pilot in San Francisco. Bloomberg took an in-depth look into what this means for the future of mobile payments, speaking with Visa Head of Global Mobile Product, Bill Gajda, on the industry's evolution to mobile phones and Visa's plans to be commercially ready to launch mobile payments in 2011.

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