Complete fraud protection

Visa’s Zero Liability policy virtually eliminates consumer liability in cases of card fraud for all Visa card transactions processed through te Visa network, including online purchases. By making customers feel more secure, Zero Liability helps increase card transactions, driving sales for participating merchants.

Visa provides marketing tools and messaging to encourage merchant participation in the Zero Liability program.

How it works

The Zero Liability program removes both the $50 cardholder liability and the 48-hour reporting requirement in cases of fraudulently used Visa credit or debit cards. Visa’s Zero Liability policy applies to U.S.-issued cards only. It does not apply to commercial card or ATM transactions, or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa. See the Cardholder Agreement for details.

Addressing cardholder concerns

The Zero Liability program effectively addresses cardholder concerns about shopping security. According to recent Visa Research statistics:

  • 61% of cardholders say, “I would shop online more if I knew my credit card information was secure.”
  • 83% of cardholders say that they haven't shopped online because they are worried about the security of their credit card information.

To help promote Zero Liability and spread the “safe shopping” message, Visa has implemented an extensive national TV and print advertising campaign, and created a number of marketing materials available for merchant use.

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