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The Third Party Agent Registration Program ensures Visa members comply with the Visa Rules and policies regarding the use of Third Party Agents (TPAs). Visa Issuing and Acquiring members are required to perform due diligence reviews of their TPAs, and those used by their merchants, to ensure that they understand the TPA business model, financial conditions, background and compliance status including but not limited to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Payment Card Industry PIN Standards (PCI PIN). Agent registration is required for all entities providing solicitation activities, managed services and/or storing, processing or transmitting Visa account numbers for Visa members or on behalf of their merchants.

Reference the TPA FAQ and Due Diligence Risk Standards documents to find out more about who needs to be registered and due diligence requirements prior to submitting registration. For additional questions, contact us at

Visa® members must ensure that all third party agents are registered with Visa as outlined in the Visa Rules. Merchants must ensure the service providers they use are registered by their Visa acquirer. Registration must be received by Visa via the Visa Membership Management (VMM) application. This online tool serves as the central location where issuers and acquirers can register third party agents and manage their relationships with these entities.

What is VMM?

Visa Membership Management (VMM) is an online tool that allows Visa members, to register and maintain the Third Party Agents they or their merchants receive services from. Members can access the VMM application through Visa Online (VOL). Click here to access VOL.

Merchant must notify their acquirer of their use of a third party agent to help their acquirer comply with the Visa Rules and policies regarding the use of Third Party Agents (TPAs). Merchants should ensure their service provider is registered with their acquirer and is listed on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers. Visa Issuing and Acquiring members are required to perform the same due diligence reviews of the merchant's service providers (MS agents) the same way they do for all TPAs. Merchants should direct their service providers to the Merchant Servicer Self-Identification Program (MSSIP).

The MSSIP allows a Merchant Servicer agent to provide Visa with the necessary information to identify its acquiring bank relationships and facilitate the agent's registration by those acquiring banks. Each bank can then conduct the required Third Party Agent (TPA) registration, via the existing client registration process, to ensure compliance with the Visa Rules and associated government regulatory requirements. Once the Merchant Servicer is registered by a Visa client, completes MSSIP participation and validates PCI DSS compliance they are listed on the Global Registry of Service Providers*.

Acquirers are still required to register MS agents via VMM to be in compliance with the Visa Rules. Merchants must ensure they use MS agents that are registered by their acquirer. Merchants must report their service providers to their acquirer for registration and direct the MS to MSSIP.

*Listing on the registry not applicable to merchant servicers validating PCI DSS compliance through Self-Assessment Questionnaire-D (SAQ-D).

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