The Third Party Agent Registration Program supports Visa members to comply with Visa International Operating Regulations (“Visa rules”) and policies regarding their use of Third Party Agents (TPAs). Visa Issuing and Acquiring members are required to perform due diligence reviews of their TPAs to ensure that they understand the TPA business model, financial conditions, background and compliance status including but not limited to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Payment Card Industry PIN Standards (PCI PIN). Agent registration is required for all entities providing solicitation activities, managed services and/or storing, processing or transmitting Visa account numbers for Visa members (or on behalf of their merchants).

To find out more about who needs to be registered and registration requirements, please click on a link below, or contact us at

What is VMM?

Visa Membership Management (VMM) is an online tool that allows Visa members, to register and maintain the Third Party Agents they or their merchants receive services from. Members can access the VMM application through VOL.

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Links to Regional VMM modules may be accessed via Visa Online:

For more information about the registration and PCI DSS compliance validation process, review TPA Registration Program FAQs (PDF | 193kb). For specific questions not covered in the FAQs, contact Visa via email at

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