Third Party Agent Program

Many Visa® members rely on third party agents (TPAs) to increase their growth and revenue opportunities with minimal cost. This growth has led some financial institutions to shift operational responsibility for various functions to their agents. Often, this is accompanied by a shift of liability for losses as well. From a member perspective, a well-controlled third party agent relationship can reduce the possibility of bank failure, minimize risk of loss to the payment system, and protect the goodwill of the Visa brand.

A third party agent performs multiple functions on the issuing and acquiring side of a Visa member's business and is generally defined as an entity that is not connected to VisaNet and provides payment-related services (directly or indirectly) to a Visa member, merchant or agent. Some agents store, process or transmit Visa account numbers.

Visa® members must ensure that all third party agents are registered with Visa as outlined in the Visa International Operating Regulations. Registration must be received by Visa via the Visa Membership Management (VMM) application. This online tool serves as the central location where issuers and acquirers can register third-party agents and manage their relationships with these entities.

For Members >
The Agent Registration Program is a Visa-mandated program enacted to ensure that Visa members are in compliance with Visa International Operating Regulations (’Visa rules’).

Registration and PCI DSS
Compliance >

Find more information about the registration process and PCI DSS compliance here.

For Third Party Agents >
Agent registration is required for all entities providing solicitation activities, managed services and/or storing, processing or transmitting Visa account numbers for Visa members (or on behalf of their merchants). Find more information about the Third Party Agent program here.


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Please note all Visa members must register their relationship with Third Party Agents regardless of whether the Third Party Agent is listed on Visa’s Registries of Service Providers.