Risk Management

Risk Management

The essential guide to avoiding risk

The E-Commerce Merchants’ Guide to Risk Management (PDF, 3.87 MB) was originally developed based on a study of nine leading U.S. e-commerce merchants. Since then, it has been updated to reflect the evolution and expansion of the online marketplace.

This valuable guide contains recommended best practices to avoid e-commerce risk. Practices cover current policies, procedures, and capabilities in place in the programs studied. Others are recommendations based on Visa’s payment-industry expertise and experience.

Who benefits from this guide

The E-Commerce Merchants’ Guide to Risk Management is a valuable tool for merchants at any stage of the e-commerce life cycle. It benefits:

  • Merchants that are considering an e-commerce program:

    The guide can help assess needs, resources, and expectations involved in e-commerce. It identifies key risk issues to be addressed and proven solutions that you can adapt to your unique operational environment.
  • Merchants that have just launched an e-commerce program:

    The guide will help you evaluate your efforts to date and ensure that you have sound operating practices in place from the outset. By finding the best ways to control risk in the early states of your program, you will set the foundation for future growth.
  • Merchants with an established e-commerce program:

    The guide can help you identify areas for improvement and explore advanced strategies for reducing risk exposure and improving profitability as your Internet volume continues to grow.

Download now (PDF, 3.87 MB).

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