Visa Travelers Cheques

Visa Travelers Cheques

Acceptance and security guidelines

Learn how to identify the Visa Travelers Cheques security features and the appropriate steps to acceptance.

Cheque security features

Cheque acceptance

1. Examine the cheque.Pay special attention to the key security features.

2. Get the signature.Be sure to watch the customer countersign each cheque in the lower-left signature space.

3. Check the signature.Compare the countersignature with the signature appearing in the upper right. If the signatures do not match, ask the customer to countersign the cheque again, on the reverse side, and ask for photo identification.

If the cheque presented is already countersigned, ask the customer to sign the cheque, on the reverse, and confirm the identity with photo identification.

In the case of a Visa Dual Signature Travelers Cheque, the countersignature must match one of the two original signatures in the upper right.

4. Respond accordingly.If you are suspicious of a cheque or the customer presenting it, immediately call Visa (select the relevant number from the Travel section) for verification and further instructions. Try to retain the cheque, along with any identification presented, by peaceful means. If the presenter becomes abusive or threatening, return the cheque immediately.