Code 10

Code 10

When you suspect fraud

If you’re suspicious of a card or cardholder at any time during a transaction authorization process, you will need to make a Code 10 authorization request.

What is Code 10?

The Code 10 authorization request alerts the card issuer to the suspicious activity—without alerting the customer. During a Code 10 call, you will speak to the card issuer's special operator, who will provide instructions on any necessary action. This type of authorization request is the most likely to result in a call to law enforcement.

Code 10 steps

If you receive an electronic authorization, but still suspect fraud, do the following:

  • Keep the card in hand to quickly respond to questions.
  • Call your voice authorization center and say "I have a Code 10 Authorization Request."

    The call will first be received by your merchant bank who may need to ask you for some merchant and/or transaction details. You will then be transferred to the card Issuer and immediately connected to a special operator. A series of yes/no questions will be asked to determine whether you are suspicious of the card or cardholder.

  • When connected to the special operator, answer all questions calmly and in a normal tone of voice.
  • Follow all operator instructions.

If the operator asks you to retain the card, comply with this request only if it is safe to do so.