Card-Not-Present Fraud Detection

Card-Not-Present Fraud Detection

Reduce fraud, boost productivity

What’s the major challenge for a card-not-present merchant? To detect and prevent payment fraud while increasing profitability in today’s competitive e-commerce market. And it’s no simple task.

When a card is not present—with no face-to-face contact, no tangible payment card to inspect for security features, and no physical signature on a sales draft to check against the card signature—your fraud risk rises. You could end up with lost revenue, higher operational costs, and potentially even your ability to accept payment cards.

Start managing fraud to minimize risk and protect your profitability.

CyberSource Risk Management Solutions

  • CyberSource Decision Manager and Managed Risk Services enable mid-size to large companies detect fraud more accurately, review more efficiently, and improve control over fraud management practices.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite(TM) is a set of customizable, rules-based filters and tools that help small businesses identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions.

Better fraud detection with CyberSource

What your business needs is a secure and robust payment infrastructure that can handle the unique risks of card-not-present sales. That’s where CyberSource can help.

CyberSource improves your ability to:

  • Accurately detect fraud and maximize sales.
  • Deliver your customers a more positive online shopping experience.
  • Improved accuracy helps lower merchant fraud and improves customer satisfaction by reducing the number of valid orders incorrectly declined.

Benefits of CyberSource

CyberSource helps:

  • Bring increased sales conversion:Generate more order approvals as a result of improved risk-assessment accuracy.
  • Decrease chargebacks:Lower direct and indirect costs associated with the management of fraudulent transactions.
    • Direct costs
      • Loss of product
      • Order shipping and handling costs
    • Indirect costs (chargeback-related)
      • Bank fees
      • Customer service staff time
      • Cash management and discount rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction:Increase valid order processing due to the automated fraud screening, allowing your customers to receive goods and services in a timely manner.

To learn more about the CyberSource Risk Managment Solutions, please visit CyberSource (for mid-size to large companies) or (for small business).


Fast Fact

More than 90 percent of all consumer purchases on the Internet are made with payment cards.