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Additional data security resources

Learn more about Visa data security programs and the PCI Security Standards Council.

CISP Resources
Visa Data Security Program - Keeping Cardholder Data Safe PDF | 56k
Visa's Business Guide to Data Security SWF | 500k
Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers  
Visa List of PABP Validated Payment Applications PDF | 681k
List of Compliant VbV Access Control Server Service Providers – 20 October 2013 PDF | 28.6k
What To Do If Compromised PDF | 342k
Responding To A Data Breach PDF | 352k
Merchant Compliance Status Reporting Template (for Acquirers) XLS | 35k
Acquirer Risk Program Standards Guide PDF | 1081k

PIN Security Resources
Update to PIN Security and Key Management Compliance Validation Program-November 18, 2009 PDF | 162k
Update On Visa's Compliance Policy for TDES-April 22, 2009 PDF | 148k
Visa US TDES FAQs PDF | 36k
PIN-Entry Device Frequently Asked Questions PDF | 53k
Visa PIN Security Requirements v2 (January 2008) PDF | 336k
PIN Security Attestation Form - Appendix B & C v2 (January 2008) DOC | 274k
PIN Security Auditor’s Guide v2 (January 2008) PDF | 485k
Key Injection Facility Auditor's Guide PDF | 457k
Tools and Best Practices for USA Merchants PDF | 248k
Listing of Visa Approved PIN Entry Devices PDF | 249k

Issuer Resources
Dynamic Cardholder Verification Method Best Practices – 16 September 2013 PDF | 36k
Issuers' Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Frequently Asked Questions – 31 March 2011 PDF | 44k
Issuer PIN Security Guidelines PDF | 582k
Visa Issuer and Acquirer Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance – 10 February 2009 PDF | 39k

PCI SSC Resources
PCI SSC Data Security Standards Overview URL
PCI SSC Documents Library URL
Qualified Security Assessor Companies URL
Approved Scanning Vendor Companies URL
PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) Program URL
PCI SSC List of PA-DSS Validated Payment Applications URL
Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor Companies URL
PCI SSC Resources for Merchants URL
PCI SSC Training URL

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