Welcome, new Visa-accepting merchants!

Resources and Tools for New Merchants

Take full advantage of your status as a Visa-accepting merchant with this page of resources for learning more about Visa, understanding your new merchant responsibilities, and getting the most added value from Visa.

Basic Visa acceptance procedures

Get off to a good start by familiarizing yourself with some basic guidelines and procedures for accepting Visa products.

Security & fraud prevention

Learn more about Visa’s commitment to safe, secure transactions and how you can stay ahead of fraud.

Promote Visa acceptance

Access advice and materials to maximize your Visa acceptance and demonstrate your promise to deliver a secure and convenient customer experience.

Stay current

Keep up to date with the latest news and information for Visa merchants.

Visa products & services

Discover the full breadth of Visa offerings for businesses like yours.

Get in touch

You can find answers to many common questions in our FAQs, but if you’d like to reach us directly, please email us at AskVisaUSA@visa.com.