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Visa Acceptance for Travel

Visa is actively working to improve your experience as a Visa-accepting merchant, striving to make it easier and more cost-effective for you to accept Visa payments and giving you tools to enhance your business operations.

From airlines and hotels to car rental services and cruise lines, accepting Visa offers the opportunity to connect with more customers and strengthen those ties and help secure ongoing loyalty.

  • Reach more prospective customers – Consumers carry 2 billion Visa cards worldwide.¹ The best way to reach them? Start accepting Visa! Then make sure your customers know about your Visa acceptance. We can help you find ways to get the most from your association with the Visa brand, including ordering marketing materials and offering co-branded cards.
  • Improve the customer experience – Using Visa makes your customers’ lives easier, and for today’s younger generations, in particular, being able to pay the way they want is critical. Offering more payment options can enhance customer service, and with Visa, your customers can feel confident that their payments are safe and secure, online or off.
  • Visa prepaid, incentive, gift, promotion and rebate cards are an effective way for travel merchants to win new customers, build loyalty, and grow their business. For example, Visa TravelMoney is the card that provides the security of travelers cheques and the convenience of a Visa card.

Security and reliability

In the travel sector, it’s critical to complete transactions efficiently but not at the expense of security. VisaNet handles an average of 150 million transactions every day and is capable of handling more than 24,000 transactions per second.²

  • Visa has invested heavily in advanced fraud-fighting technologies, so you can assure your customers that their card information is safe.
  • Visa’s efforts have kept global fraud rates near historic lows, enabling merchants to accept Visa with confidence.

Invested in the future of travel

Our ongoing commitment to safe, reliable transactions is just one way Visa supports our travel merchants’ goals to attract new customers and grow their businesses. Visa also innovates around new products and technologies to broaden available payment options. These include initiatives around mobile payments like Visa Checkout, our digital payment service; and chip cards for extra security. As the payment landscape evolves, you can count on Visa to give your business new and better ways of handling payments that travel customers will appreciate too.

1 Visa Inc. data, as of 31 March 2011
2 Based on testing conducted in August 2010 with IBM

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