Accepting Visa
can help attract
more donations.
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Visa Acceptance for Nonprofits

Visa acceptance can help nonprofits overcome administrative challenges, deliver significant benefits, and help support the cause you’re passionate about.

Grow beyond cash and checks

Visa and our third-party partners can help you navigate the process, find an acquirer, and make the most of your status as a Visa-accepting organization. For example, we can connect you to vendors that provide software platforms that will allow you to accept online donations securely and seamlessly.

Accepting electronic payments can help attract larger donations – and more of them

Accepting electronic payments may help your bottom line. More people, especially Gen Yers, have a strong preference to pay with cards, and they’ll be more likely to support your cause if you accept Visa. Plus, donors who use rewards cards can actually earn points for themselves while contributing to your cause. That can help you reach your fundraising goals sooner.

Improved cash flow, faster fulfillment

Unlike mailed contributions or verbal pledges promised by phone, donations made with Visa are immediate, and there’s no risk of bad checks. Your nonprofit can also potentially rein in costs that come from having staff spend time opening envelopes, sorting checks, and processing donations manually. A 2012 study found that 69% of U.S. businesses surveyed that accept payment cards saw improvement in some area of their cash management process.¹

Another advantage offered by Visa acceptance is the ability to set up recurring donations, which can improve retention and provide a more predictable, reliable fundraising stream. Your acquiring bank can enroll you in Visa Account Updater (VAU), a service that enables the secure electronic exchange of updated account information automatically when a donor’s card information changes.

Stronger donor relationships

Donors value the convenience and security of using the Visa cards they already trust. Research has found that 36% of consumers prefer to use bankcards for charitable donations² because it’s easy, safe, and provides good record-keeping for tax purposes.

Invested in the future of nonprofits

Our ongoing commitment to safe, reliable transactions is just one way Visa supports nonprofits’ goals to attract more donations. Visa also innovates around new products and technologies to broaden available payment options. These include initiatives around mobile payments; Visa Checkout, our digital payment service; and chip cards for extra security. As the payment landscape evolves, you can count on Visa to give your organization new and better ways of connecting with donors.

1 2012 Visa Small Business Cash Management Survey
2 Visa Charity Donations Quantitative Research, March 2010

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