Visa Private Label Service

Develop the right merchant–branded card program for your business quickly and easily.

With Visa Private Label1 solutions, merchants can give their customers a fast and convenient way to pay for all sorts of goods and services. Credit or prepaid, reloadable or single load, Private Label cards can help boost sales and customer loyalty without requiring new point of sale (POS) equipment or changes to your existing reconciliation process.

Your card, your brand, many possible applications

Private Label cards don’t display the Visa logo, so you have the freedom to design a card that expresses your brand’s singular look and feel. By offering cards that feature only your brand – and are accepted only at locations you determine – your customers can enjoy added convenience every time they visit a participating establishment. Visa Private Label cards can be made available in either preset or customer-chosen dollar amounts and can be activated and sold at the point of sale as well as online. In addition, certain program options allow the transaction to process in the same way as any other Visa purchase.

Examples of programs supported include:

  • Non–reloadable gift cards
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Reloadable loyalty products
  • Transit load

Easy to set up and process

Transactions made using a Visa Private Label card go through the same processing system as your other Visa payments, so you can use your existing terminals and POS infrastructure, a major benefit in a franchised business environment or for acceptance at multiple unrelated merchants. Depending on the program options you choose, your transaction procedures may also be the same, which can help reduce implementation time and minimize the need for additional staff training.

How it works

1. Customer pays for purchase with a Private Label card
2. Merchant sends authorization approval request using existing POS system2
3. Merchant processor submits authorization request to issuer through VisaNet®
4. Issuer debits purchase amount from customer’s account and sends authorization response
5. Merchant completes sale and processes the private label transaction along with other Visa transactions3

Start your own Private Label program

At Visa, we’re dedicated to providing merchants with a highly flexible Private Label service that supports a variety of transaction types, including card activation, value loading, and returns. You can also work with your processor to choose the routing and processing option that best meets your program needs: authorization only or authorization, clearing, and settlement.

If you’re interested in launching a Private Label program for your business, email us at and a Visa representative will follow up with you.

1Private Label cards are defined as closed loop/RAN (Restricted Access Network) type cards processed over VisaNet®, an open loop network.
2 If you choose optional prepaid transactions like Balance Inquiry or Partial Authorization, special terminal programming may be required.
3 Choose the routing and processing option that best meets your program needs – authorization only or authorization, clearing and settlement.