Simplify, grow, and stay out in front

Visa Merchant Direct Exchange (MDEX) makes it easy to link directly to VisaNet, the world’s largest retail electronic payments network1.

MDEX offers a way for large merchants to streamline authorizations, access new innovation, and speed growth worldwide2 through a single, direct link to the Visa network. This single network connection is able to handle authorizations for multiple card types and brands across geographies for increased efficiency.

Enhance competitive advantage and growth potential

MDEX is a sophisticated network that enables and extends the full range of VisaNet services, including state-of-the-art authorization and file-transfer capabilities. Visa has created this solution specifically for large merchants, who demand the highest levels of speed, reliability, and service. Plus, merchants that use MDEX have access to new Visa innovations, which can deliver competitive advantages in the form of operational insights and early adoption of emerging solutions.

MDEX is a good fit for merchants that:

  • Process at least 500,000 Visa transactions per month and need the speed, reliability, and bandwidth this service offers.
  • Use a central-host-processing platform that can funnel transactions from all of its locations to VisaNet.
  • Have a multi-lane checkout environment where speed and positive customer experience at the point-of-payment is imperative.

Tap into the benefits of MDEX

MDEX can help your business overcome pressing operational challenges and deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduce costs: A single connection to VisaNet may lower your day-to-day operational costs, as well as hardware and software support needs.
  • Benchmark authorization performance: This planned enhancement will help you find out where you stand compared to a competitive set by tapping into Visa’s benchmarking expertise3.
  • Implement innovations: Quickly adopt payment innovations, such as real-time offer redemption, by eliminating the involvement of multiple providers.
  • Increase flexibility: Process multiple card types, including credit, PIN, chip, private label, gift, loyalty, and fleet brands, through a single infrastructure.
  • Simplify expansion: Quickly enter new markets and expand internationally2 using a single infrastructure and Visa’s in-country experience and support.

Get started with MDEX

For information about Visa Merchant Direct Exchange, contact your Visa Account Executive, acquirer or

1 Based on payments volume, total volume, number of transactions and number of cards in circulation,
2 MDEX is offered to merchants via their acquirer. Availability and capabilities vary by country. Visa Inc. and Visa Europe are separate companies and availability in Europe is subject to Visa Europe agreement.
3 Proposed enhancement in development. Availability, features, and timing subject to change. Peer reporting data would be presented in aggregate, as a simple average and would not include any personally identifiable cardholder, merchant or issuer information.

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