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Real-time offer redemption at the point-of-sale

The commerce landscape is changing rapidly, and part of that evolution includes the explosion of online couponing and loyalty programs. Visa is helping merchants meet new customer demands and expectations with innovative solutions for streamlining offer redemption at the point-of-sale.

Make redemption easy and profitable

With Visa Integrated Redemption Platform (IRP)*, merchants have the potential to generate new revenue by serving up a better checkout experience. Visa IRP is designed to let enrolled customers of participating offer programs redeem merchant-funded offers linked to their Visa cards instantly at the point-of-sale. When customers opt to connect their Visa cards to the participating discount programs they use, the participating merchant’s system will recognize that discount during the transaction and apply it automatically.

A better solution for you and your customers

For customers, the advantages of Visa IRP are readily apparent: offer redemption is straightforward, provides instant gratification, and doesn't require them to present coupons or codes at checkout. Merchants can also benefit from simplifying the redemption process at the point-of-sale.

  • Drive transactions – Bring new shoppers into your store and increase repeat business by providing a simpler, more convenient shopping experience.
  • Simplify program fulfillment – Support offers and loyalty programs with an easy, scalable solution.
  • Speed up your checkout process – Fulfill offers automatically, without customer or salesperson input, and eliminate the need for additional offer redemption training.
  • Provide a more satisfying shopping experience – Apply discounts automatically at the time of checkout and print discount information on the receipt.
  • Track results and reconcile offers easily – Measure your program success with consolidated reporting, and receive reconciliation and operations data through existing messages and formats

How it works

Offers are linked to a customer's Visa card that is enrolled in a participating offer program, which then enables real-time redemption of that offer at the point-of-sale.

Visa Integrated Redemption Platform

Meet changing customer demands

Your acquirer and payment technology provider can enable Visa IRP for you. To learn more, visit the Visa Integrated Redemption Platform website.

* Visa Integrated Redemption Platform is currently in development; proposed features, functionality, requirements and timetables are in development and subject to change by Visa at any time.