Keep Current on Customer Account Changes

If your business sends out bills on a recurring basis, Visa Account Updater (VAU) offers an opportunity to become more efficient and deliver a better customer experience. As a VAU user, you'll receive notification of changes to cardholder account information more quickly and easily than with manual updates.

Serving as an automated, dedicated, and secure clearinghouse, VAU works by establishing a streamlined process for the electronic exchange of updated account information among participating merchants, acquirers, and Visa card issuers. So, when a cardholder's information changes, you will receive updated account information which may include new account numbers, new expiration dates, closed account and/or contact cardholder notifications.

The value of VAU

VAU can help you prevent disruption of customer relationships and recurring payments, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, VAU reduces authorization declines, which can help boost overall sales. And, by eliminating the need for manual administration, VAU can lower operational costs and customer service expenses.

Putting VAU to work for your business

There are five simple steps in the VAU process:

  1. 1. Merchant contacts their acquirer to learn more about the service features, benefits, costs, and terms and conditions for participation
  2. 2. Merchant enrolls in VAU through their acquirer.
  3. 3. Visa card issuers submit electronic files with updates to Visa when a cardholder's account information changes. Issuers submit these file updates within two business days and send them daily to ensure that merchants have the advantage of the latest authorization data.
  4. 4. Merchant submits account numbers through their acquirer for customers with whom they have an ongoing payment relationship. VAU processes inquiries against its database and provides responses to the acquirer.
  5. 5. Merchant updates their customer account database within five business days after receiving VAU updates and then submits their recurring payment transactions for authorization.

To bring the efficiencies of VAU to your billing process, get started by contacting your acquirer.