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Connect directly to Visa

Step into the future

Consumers want more innovative ways to pay. Merchants need a broadly scaled solution to serve those customers. Visa Accelerated Connection Platform (ACP) enables merchants to meet customer demands by authorizing transactions through their participating payment technology providers and connecting directly to Visa, one of the world's largest and most advanced financial transaction processing networks.

Innovation accelerates business

Having a direct connection to Visa can redefine point-of-sale transactions and turn data into opportunities by providing merchants the ability to quickly deliver value-added services to customers.

Deliver innovation and grow your business

Visa ACP is designed to enable merchants to deliver innovation through next-generation payment solutions* and gain the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen customer relationships – Secure more customers with new loyalty programs, discount offers, awards, recognition, and more.
  • Improve efficiency – Direct access to Visa enhancements and updated documentation enables rapid change and implementation.
  • Benefit from industry innovation – Access next-generation solutions from acquirers, payment technology providers, and Visa.
  • Improve customer satisfaction – The API is designed to enable loyalty offers, ease of use, and converged payment channels.
  • Boost security – Visa is developing point-to-point encryption to help secure cardholder data and reduce PCI scope.
  • Enhance reliability – Removing intermediate connection points means fewer points of failure, which may result in improved reliability.
  • Access new technology solutions – We're continuing to develop more program features to help merchants implement technologies, such as real-time Integrated Redemption, Risk Management and more.

Get started today

To learn more, visit the Visa Accelerated Connection Platform website.

* Referenced next generation payment solutions in development: program features and timelines are subject to change.