Giving merchants a fast, simple and secure commerce solution

Visa is at the forefront of commerce with by Visa, our digital payment service designed to make online payments fast, simple and secure, without the bother of constantly re-entering card account numbers, and bill-to and ship-to information. helps you empower customers to make purchases using a secure, single sign-on across channels and devices using their preferred payment method. is card-brand-agnostic, so customers can check out more easily and securely using the payment method they use today on your site.

New devices and empowered consumers mean new opportunities.

Mobile is one of the fastest growing digital channels and is transforming consumer expectations. Consumers need their payments to move seamlessly with them and work reliably from any device, anywhere. does just that, delivering the security, simplicity and personalization merchants, financial institutions and consumers demand as payment technology continues to evolve.

The payment experience by Visa lets you offer the checkout solution your customers want from the payments brand they trust. Customers simply create a account once, storing one or more of their Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover cards. Then, the next time they make a purchase, all they need to enter is their email address and password. No need to re-type card numbers or shipping information. stores personal account information behind layers of security within Visa’s industry-leading network, making checkout quicker, easier, and still safe. Additional features like recognizable card art and a lightbox that allows shoppers to checkout without leaving your site can reduce friction. brings value to merchants

Increased sales and greater customer loyalty may result from offering a better checkout experience. It becomes even more important to present simplicity and consistency for shoppers looking at mobile phones with limited screen size. can enhance your existing fraud and security tools. You determine and control your own risk tolerance. We perform account-level risk evaluation and provide transactional risk advice based on the account evaluation and the characteristics of the transaction to help you make informed decisions. Using the information your customers store with, Visa combines its fraud and risk management assets to verify the identities of your returning customers. is simple to implement with an easy technical integration. Once you've signed up, all you'll need to do is copy and paste a few lines of HTML and JavaScript code into your website to offer your consumers the payment widget. Ongoing merchant support and additional APIs are available as well.

Trust in the Visa brand

Merchants and customers alike trust the Visa brand, and the power and reliability of VisaNet. Visa has pioneered electronic payments and innovation for the past 50 years, and through our partnerships with issuers, you gain greater access to millions of online banking customers and billions of Visa cards. With, Visa continues to build upon its history of innovative payment solutions, to position itself at the forefront of digital commerce.

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