Quicker and more convenient than cash

Merchant success today relies in part on being able to accept payments when, where, and how your customers want. That's why Visa is committed to innovation that enables more people in more places to enjoy the benefits of electronic payments at any time, in any location, using a multitude of devices.

Gain a competitive advantage

Visa payWave is a contactless payment solution that is a great option for high-volume merchants whose customers are in a hurry – from quick-service restaurants and coffee shops to movie theaters, convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and more. Visa payWave offers speed, convenience, and security that can help retain customers and grow sales.

The Visa payWave checkout experience

Visa cards with Visa payWave use an embedded microchip and antenna to communicate securely with the contactless reader at checkout. Similarly, Visa payWave-enabled mobile phones combine built-in, near-field communication (NFC) technology with a special payment application to facilitate the same kind of communication with your reader. No swiping, inserting, signing or PIN is needed for purchases under your business's set limit.

The customer simply waves his Visa payWave card or mobile phone in front of the contactless reader to complete his purchase. That's how Visa payWave makes everyday purchases quicker and more convenient.

How Visa payWave can benefit your business

Visa payWave can offer rewards to merchants and customers alike, with benefits including:

  • Greater speed and convenience at checkout, which can help increase loyalty and sales while lowering abandonment.
  • Higher average ticket size than with cash payments. The average spend per Visa purchase is consistently more than cash. While the average U.S. cash transaction is $17, credit card purchases average $66 and debit card purchases average $42.1
  • Increased efficiency as checkout lines move more quickly, and employees handle less cash, which can lead to cost savings.
  • Enhanced security, thanks to the safeguards of the technology behind Visa payWave.
  • Competitive advantage, as Visa payWave-accepting merchants can offer speed and convenience that others cannot.

Start accepting Visa payWave

There are two ways to set your business apart as a leader by accepting Visa payWave transactions:

  • Install integrated terminals that include the Visa-enabled reader
  • Add a peripheral Visa-enabled reader to your existing POS terminal
Contact your acquirer or Visa account executive for help understanding your equipment options and to get started.

1 Visa Payment Panel Study (2Q11 - 1Q12). Visa Payment Panel Study was commissioned by Visa and has been conducted continuously since 1991 by independent research firm TNS among 20,000 respondents annually, aged 18+, and who own at least one payment card.