Process more transactions and help increase customer satisfaction

More customers are paying with cards for small, everyday purchases because it's quicker, easier, and more convenient than cash. Visa has a program that makes those transactions even quicker and easier for merchants and customers alike – Visa Easy Payment Service (VEPS). When a transaction qualifies for VEPS, merchants can process it without a signature or PIN.

The benefits of VEPS

  • Higher value transactions: In the U.S., the average spend per Visa purchase is consistently more than cash.1 Plus, you'll be able to process more checkouts faster since the customer doesn't need to provide a signature or PIN, which could increase your overall sales volume.
  • Greater point-of-sale efficiencies and chargeback protections: VEPS can help accelerate payment processing at the register by eliminating the hassle of cash management procedures, such as counting cash and giving change. Merchants are also protected against specific chargeback reason codes (fraud, transaction not recognized) on qualifying transactions, which can result in reduced dispute handling costs.
  • Greater customer satisfaction: Faster service means a better customer experience, especially for businesses with long lines and small transactions.
  • No additional fees, registration requirements or new equipment. Getting started is easy.

A straightforward process

No signature or PIN is needed on nearly all electronically read, card-present Visa transactions of $25 or less.2 You can use VEPS with all Visa card types as long as the transaction is:

  • A Visa purchase transaction
  • Conducted in a face-to-face environment for transactions of $25 and under; $15 for transactions if conducted in unattended environment
  • Authorized by the card issuer
  • Conducted through a merchant with an approved Merchant Category Code. More than 98% of MCCs are eligible.

In addition, merchants are not required to provide a receipt unless requested by the customer and do not have to retain receipts for VEPS transactions.

Bring the efficiencies of VEPS to your business

Merchants need to do very little to start enjoying the benefits of VEPS. Just contact your acquirer, processor, or Visa account executive today.

1 U.S. Visa Payment Panel Study (2Q11 to 1Q12). Visa Payment Panel Study was commissioned by Visa and has been conducted continuously since 1991 by independent research firm TNS among 20,000 respondents annually, aged 18+, and who own at least one payment card.
2 Two major merchant categories – discount stores and grocery stores/supermarkets – are now authorized to use VEPS for transactions up to $50.