Put Visa's industry leadership behind your co-branding program

Building loyalty through co-branding is more than just putting a name and logo on a card. It takes dedication and the right partners with the right industry knowledge to execute and manage ongoing success.

As the leading payment card brand in consumer credit card and related services¹, Visa offers a depth of industry expertise that can help maximize the success of your card program. Our support services are aligned with your business goals at each stage of the customer lifecycle and are structured to deliver value across the entire spectrum of co-branding activities – from product design and customer acquisition to card usage and customer retention.

Align your business with the leader² in every customer segment

Co-branded cards are recognized as an effective vehicle for helping merchant partners gain exposure, attract new customers, and strengthen loyalty. Through Visa's proven leadership in card preference and usage,³ driven by its near universal acceptance, your card program has a greater chance of success.

Visa empowers merchants to differentiate themselves from other co-branded card programs in many ways.

  • Our card product platform is flexible, customizable, and targeted to allow merchants to compete effectively for a variety of consumer segments through their life stages.
  • Visa can advise merchant partners on how to build a successful co-brand marketing plan engaging all available channels and reaching customers with the right message at the right time.
  • Visa provides access to advanced analytics and benchmarking that help drive more effective marketing and acquisition strategies.
  • In 2009, Visa outranked others in our industry in the areas of innovation, quality of products and services, and global business practices among other attributes.4
  • Visa offers a range of top-tier sponsorships and properties on a global, national, and local scale – including NFL, FIFA, and Olympics – that may be used to reward your best customers.

If you're introducing co-branded cards for your business, your first step will be to choose an issuer. You may also choose to connect with a consultant that specializes in helping businesses get started in this area. Read the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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2Visa Payment Panel Study, Q4’09 – Q3’10. Brand ownership within each income bracket – Among Total Personal Credit Cardholders. Visa Payment Panel Study was commissioned by Visa and has been conducted continuously since 1991 by independent research firm TNS among 20,000 respondents annually, aged 18+, and who own at least one payment card.
3Visa Payment Panel Study, Q4’12
42009 Fortune Magazine list of World’s Most Admired Companies