Ways to Accept Visa

Let’s face it—your customers won’t always have cash in their wallets. Giving them another purchasing option will make their life easier and yours too. Here are the most common forms of Visa payment you can expect to see as a Visa-accepting merchant.

Card present

The transaction takes place in person at some physical location. This includes both swipe transactions and key-entered transactions. Every Visa card contains a set of unique design features and security elements to help merchants verify a card’s legitimacy. Learn more about verifying the legitimacy of Visa cards, cardholders, and in-person transactions

Card not present

Merchants that accept payments online or over the phone must take extra precautions against fraud exposure and associated losses. But Visa doesn’t make merchants go it alone. We offer fraud prevention tools such as Visa’s Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value 2, as well as risk management materials, including reference guides and videos. Learn more about accepting Visa without a card present


More consumers choose Visa credit, debit or prepaid products to make online purchases than any other payment method, and we continue to set industry standards in providing secure online payment solutions. By enabling secure and convenient Visa transactions on your website, you’ll deliver an e-commerce experience that will encourage repeat visits and purchases. As a merchant, you can help ensure safe shopping by familiarizing yourself with industry best practices and basic Internet technologies, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Learn more about online transaction safety

Bill payment

Accepting Visa for bill payment can potentially lower outstanding receivables, improve cash flow, and reduce collection costs and bad debt. You collect the full amount for the transaction, often sooner than with a mailed payment, and there’s no risk of bad checks or delays. Meanwhile, customers appreciate the convenience of paying bills with Visa because it eliminates the hassle of writing checks, buying stamps, and getting everything in the mail on time. You can choose to accept automatic monthly payments or take payments by mail or phone. Learn more about Visa for Bill Payment

Gift cards

The Visa Gift card is a prepaid card that can be used at millions of locations where Visa debit cards are accepted, including retail stores and online merchants. When you accept Visa, you’ll also be able to do business with customers who have received Visa Gift cards.

Innovating for the future

As new technologies mature, Visa is offering merchants even more ways to enjoy the benefits of accepting electronic payments at any time, in any location, using a multitude of devices. For example, we are rolling out new and innovative solutions around mobile payments and services; digital money transfer and personal payments; Visa Checkout; chip technology like Visa payWave; and more. Merchants that provide access to these diverse payment options can reach new potential customers and deliver better overall service.