Benefits of Accepting Visa

As a consumer, the ease and convenience of paying with Visa is undeniable. As a merchant, you too can enjoy benefits to help build your business. In addition to being safe and secure, accepting Visa can help increase your sales and efficiency while delivering an improved checkout experience.

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Reliable, more secure transactions

VisaNet, the world’s largest retail electronic payments processing network, handles an average of 150 million transactions every day. In fact, VisaNet is capable of handling more than 24,000 transactions per second¹. With so much riding on the security and integrity of VisaNet, reliability is key.

This ongoing commitment to safe, reliable transactions is just one way Visa supports our merchants’ goals to attract new customers and grow their businesses.

  • Visa has invested heavily in advanced fraud-fighting technologies, so you can assure your customers that their card information is safe.
  • Visa continues to develop innovative programs that give merchants options for accepting payments while protecting cardholders.
  • Visa’s efforts have kept global fraud rates near historic lows, enabling merchants to accept Visa with confidence.

Increased efficiency

When you accept electronic card transactions, your business can be more effective:

  • Get fast, automatic access to those funds. Transactions are typically settled in 24-72 hours, not up to seven business days, as it takes with paper checks.
  • Rest assured that you will receive payment. Payment cards don’t bounce; checks do.
  • Skip trips to the bank to deposit checks and cash.
  • Visa transactions can increase speed at checkout, particularly in traditionally cash-heavy segments.

Potential for increased sales, larger transactions

The average spend per Visa purchase is consistently more than cash. While the average cash transaction is $17, credit card purchases average $66 and debit card purchases average $42². And that can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Improved customer experience can mean increased loyalty for your business

Using Visa makes your customers’ lives easier, and for today’s younger generations, in particular, being able to pay the way they want is critical.

  • Paper check use barely registers with Gen Y and continues to decrease each year, while card usage increases.
  • Offering more payment options can enhance customer service.
  • With Visa, your customers can feel confident that their payments are safe and secure, online or off.

Use the power of the Visa brand and reach more customers

Consumers carry 2 billion Visa cards worldwide.³ The best way to reach them? Start accepting Visa at your business! You can take advantage of Visa’s powerful presence by letting customers know you accept Visa. We can help you find lots of ways to get the most from your association with the Visa brand. Order marketing materials

Visa’s commitment to innovation can help your business move forward

From creating one of the first general-purpose credit cards 50 years ago to launching our digital payment service, Visa Checkout, Visa continues to innovate in ways that improve the everyday lives of people globally. We’re invested in continually improving, refining and expanding our global processing system to stay ahead of growing demand for electronic payments. For merchants like you, this means you can operate with confidence that the payment network you use will evolve along with your business and your customers.

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1 Based on testing conducted in August 2010 with IBM.
2 Visa Payment Panel Study (2Q11 to 1Q12 time period).
3 Visa Inc. (as of December 31, 2011).

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