Supplier Matching Service

Supplier Matching Service

Optimize payment and procurement with Visa

Visa’s Supplier Matching Service, helps you better understand your suppliers so you can make more informed purchasing decisions, and optimize your payment and procurement processes.

Know your suppliers and get all the advantages, including:

  • Ability to identify which suppliers accept Visa commercial payment services therefore you can use your Visa commercial payment cards to make purchasing more efficient and avoid paper- and labor-intensive purchase and check-payment processes.
  • Access to the Visa Merchant Profile Database, to identify which suppliers provide Level II or level III enhanced data.
  • State-of-the-art software to deliver the most complete and accurate search results (even including variations in search parameters it identifies matches and non-matches, confirms which of your suppliers are capable of passing enhanced data).
  • Two business day turn-around from date of file receipt.

To use the service, simply contact your Visa financial institution.