Enhance supplier relationships with Visa

Visa’s suite of supplier management solutions provides advantages for all of your Visa commercial payment service needs.

Visa Merchant Profile Database

Designed to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of purchasing operations by supplying the data needed for federal and state regulatory reporting, the Visa Merchant Profile Database maintains profiles of over 4 million U.S. suppliers that have accepted Visa commercial payment products. In addition to a wealth of supplier information, the Visa Merchant Profile Database also identifies suppliers that provide Level II and Level III enhanced data.

Visa Supplier Locator

Visa’s web based Supplier Locator allows you the convenience and flexibility to quickly locate U.S. suppliers that welcome Visa commercial products. In addition, the Supplier Locator, with premium search function allows you to search by enhanced data, geographic region, or even by industry category or diversity goals.

Visa Supplier Matching Service

Visa’s Supplier Matching Service is a premium value-added resource that allows you to target the right suppliers and ensure that you have the supplier information you need to meet reporting requirements. The supplier Matching Service also matches your current supplier information to the Visa Merchant Profile Database to help identify suppliers that accept Visa as well as, suppliers capable of passing Level II and Level III enhanced data.

Disclaimer: Inclusion on this list indicates only that the service provider offers Visa Commercial card solutions support. Service providers are responsible for descriptions of products and services. Visa does not endorse the service providers or their business processes or practices nor does Visa represent that any particular service provider will meet the needs for your specific situation.

Visa Supplier Enablement Services

Move suppliers to Visa Commercial payments efficiently.


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Fast Fact

Visa’s global network provides access to more trading partners and more data than alternative systems.