Visa Supplier Enablement Services

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With Supplier Enablement Services, Visa now makes it easier to determine which suppliers to target for enrollment and successfully connect with them. With resources including data analytics, strategic planning, communications materials and onboarding expertise, this modular offering can easily accommodate any organization's needs.

Additionally, Visa can support Issuers with supplier recruiting campaigns for their client organizations. Services for a managed campaign can include:

  • Collecting supplier contact information
  • Distributing Issuer and client-approved communication materials
  • Conducting outreach to prospective suppliers on behalf of the Issuer and client
  • Tracking the progress of onboarding efforts

Supplier Enablement Services also offers the potential for you to improve your growth and efficiencies by:

  • Creating opportunities for organizations to improve ROI
  • Accelerate supplier recruiting and enrollment
  • Increase supplier participation
  • Relieve the burden on internal resources
  • Scale to each organization's needs