Visa IntelliLink Spend Management

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Complete spend management to gain global visibility, local control, and strategic advantage; comprehensive reporting and full-featured expense management in a single integrated offering.

See the big picture, right now

In today's complex business environment, effective spend management requires flexible, intuitive, on-demand access to information. Understanding your company's spending patterns, increasing control over spend, identifying opportunities for savings, facilitating expense approval processes while ensuring corporate compliance are all essential to successful business management—which is why you need Visa IntelliLink Spend Management.

Benefit from tailored upgrades

Visa IntelliLink Spend Management is an information and expense management tool designed for the needs of companies of all sizes. Available today from your financial institution and Visa, this comprehensive, data-rich, easy-to-use spend management solution replaces the current Visa Information Source and other Visa tools.

Four imperatives for effective spend management

Visa IntelliLink addresses the four most important spend management requirements:

Access to information

  • Dashboards for quick snapshots of key information
  • Email alerts signal key events—approvals, availability of reports or statements, and program thresholds
  • Self-service interactive reports with multiple filters, sort options and drill-down capability
  • Sourcing tool for analysis of your entire AP spend, including import of non-card activity for a holistic view

Speed and ease of use

  • Easy to learn, intuitive user interface
  • Self-paced learning tools
  • Key features are available with minimal clicks, including one-click statements
  • Context-sensitive online help for information relevant to the specific feature in use

Local-to-Global scope

  • Support for up to 15 languages
  • Dual- and multi-currency statements for a consolidated view of local and cross-border spend
  • Global roll-up and local reporting/expense management in one single solution
  • Local tax support including VAT and GST

Custom integration

  • Select key preferences such as language and alert notifications
  • Can be tailored to company travel and entertainment policies—compliance triggers, multi-tiered approval workflow, receipt imaging, and more
  • Direct integration of transaction data to ERP, with support of customized formats as well as to third-party applications such as Quicken® and QuickBooks®
  • Integration with travel booking

Rely on core solutions

Every company needs flexible, robust, self-service reporting, and every Visa IntelliLink user will get just that. Look forward to integrated and easy-to-use online statements, comprehensive expense management, interactive reports, multi-level transaction data, import of non-card information, receipt imaging, sourcing analytics, and more.

Visa 1099 Reporting enables convenient, easy-to-use access to essential tax and regulatory information. Additionally, Visa provides information regarding the Qualified Payment Card Agent (QPCA) program.

Visa Socioeconomic Reporting assists you in gathering transaction and merchant information to meet supplier socioeconomic and demographic-reporting requirements (including Federal Form 1057).

Visa Multinational Reporting provides an extensive cost effective reporting system for analyzing spend worldwide, enabling you to improve vendor management, negotiate agreements and monitor compliance.

Data Services
Superior data capture and delivery can help deliver the competitive edge you need—every day that you use it. Track your entire company day-to-day with global data service in 50 countries, multi-byte support, air, rail, and hotel details collected daily, item level detail, intelligent data tracking, and more.

Program Support
With a world class product must come world-class service and support. Visa IntelliLink has developed a complete end-to-end program support to include customized program management, personalized attention, context-sensitive online help throughout the application, custom solution design, support for the entire product lifecycle, and more.

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